Shield card

A stylish case to protect your cards. An innovative tool for security, utilities and communications.

The Advantages of the SHIELD CARD

Holds the card

Holds the card, protecting it from the phenomenon of demagnetization and by screening the contactless microchip, microchip and other systems.

Flexibility and small size

Can comfortably fit in a wallet or Briefcase generic thanks to its flexibility and reduced overall dimensions.

Protects the press

Protects the thermal printing used for new licence and other electronic documents on which a photo printed

Easy introduction/removal of the card

ShieldCard has an opening specially shaped for easy introduction/removal of the card.

2-sided color printing

The special cardboard surface allows two-sided color printing to convey a message or picture.

Defends the card from moisture

Defends the card against moisture; It is highly resistant to wear and abrasion thanks to external lamination.